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Mist Rage
Strategy: Make sure it doesn't use the very damaging ColdMist attack.

Spoiler: Don't Jump!
Strategy: You can use a Scanner or have Tellah cast Scan to find its weakness. Cid's Scan won't work on it.

Spoiler: It's weak to Lighting and Air attacks. Ignore its Rockbeak attack until a player is almost turned to stone to avoid wasting turns.


Cecil - Gungnir Lance
Yang - Lightning Claws
Tellah - Lit3
Magma Giant
Strategy: It's fiery, and it's robotic. Hits hard but moves slowly. Has a ton of HP.

Spoiler: It's weak to Ice and Blunt Weapon attacks. Pound it with Ice and Blunt Weapons, but it will counter any offensive spells. Keep your health up.


Cecil, Kain - Gaea Hammer
Yang - Ice Claws
Rosa - Ice Arrows or Gaea Hammer
Final Arm
Strategy: Watch out for the powerful Laser attack.

Spoiler: Make sure to take out the Searcher first, otherwise it'll 'Call' back the Final Arm.
Zemus' Spirit
Strategy: Watch out for its strong elemental spells.

Spoiler: Wear gears that absorb or nullify elements. Attacking it with magic will trigger a Condemn spell reaction cast on a party member. Wall works superbly.
Strategy: A certain individual at Hummingway Land knows his weakness.

Spoiler: Use Lighting when his sword is raised.
Ultima Weapon
Strategy: ????

Spoiler: Wear gears that protect from magical attacks. Wall will help except for its Ultima and Meteo attacks. Keep health up. Will react with Nuke if attacked with magic. It starts healing itself when low on HP. Once its HP is below 1/3 of total, it'll react with Quake after each attack. Float will help.
Strategy: A Crystal in the Lunar Subterranean knows how to beat it!

Spoiler: Use physical attacks with non-elemental weapons, otherwise it nullifies all damages. Most effective with blunt weapons, such as Hammers and Morning Star, as they deal 4x damage vs machines. Certain actions, such as spells and summons, will trigger deadly reaction so watch out!


Cecil - Morning Star
Kain - Wooden Hammer
Edge - Throw
Rosa - Heal
Zemus' Illusions
Strategy: ????

Spoiler: They start off fairly easy until you cast magic on them or their HP drops below 20,000. In their 2nd phase, be sure to wear strong magical protective gears and keep your health up!
Strategy: ????

Spoiler: ????


Black Dragon
Strategy: ????

Spoiler: ????



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